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About Us

PD Consulting was founded by Cahit Yılmaz and Hünkar İvgen in June of 2011. After long years of working in various Investment Banks and Brokerage Houses, beginning with 2004, they started to offer consulting in Corporate Finance issues. As we entered into the second millenium, international investors' interest in Turkey’s potential investment opportunities increased geometrically as each year passed by. Hence, demand for qualified and seasoned services of consultants for all sorts of corporate finance activities such as establishing new companies, institutionalizations, growth projects based on new investments, fulfilling credit needs, and of course valuation of companies for Mergers and Acquisition activities also increased significantly. Therefore, greater number of companies began seeking support services to improve their budgetperformances and financial policies, as well as to better their competitive means in adopting never ending changes in market conditions.

The Goal of PD Consulting is to provide the best services and solutions possible for corporate projects and needs as listed above, with her team of experienced financial professionals.

Cahit YILMAZ :After receiving his Bachelors Degree from Ankara Siyasal Bilgiler Fakultesi, he attended London School of Economics and Political Sciences as a `Research Scholar.`

He began his professional life in Turkish Investment Bank (TKB) in 1985, and worked there at various capacities over the years until 1995. During that period, he worked in the related departments for Project Valuations, Feasibility Analysis/Preparations, Market Research,and Public Offerings. After 1996 he worked in various Brokerage Houses and Investment Banks at mid to high level managerial capacity, and also held the Managerial position of Project Finance and Credit Management at a private Bank.

He attended to Yeditepe Üniversitesi as a Teacher during the 2001 – 2005 periods. Currently he gives lectures on Finance and Capital Markets Analysus at the Kültür Üniversitesi in Istanbul.

During the past five years he prepared Professional Reports for more than 50 Projects in Company Valuations, Acquisition Evaluations and Investment Project Analysis. He also functioned as buy-side consultant during Privatization Projects.

Hünkar İVGEN : After receiving his Bachelors Degree from the İstanbul Üniversitesi Business Faculty, he has completed his Masters and Ph.D. Degrees through the same Faculty. He held professional positions in Corporate Finance and Research Departments of various Brokerage Houses from 1997 to 2002. From that year on to this day, he began offering consulting services to various sizes of companies in the fields of Accounting and Finance. During his consulting endeavors he specialized and offered services in risk management, re-organizations, financial management, cost and managerial accounting, company valuation and mergers.

On the Educational side of the business, besides working as a faculty at Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi and İstanbul Üniversities –where he currently still holds his position – İVGEN also offered educational services in the private sector.

İVGEN, wrote financial articles during the 2003-2007period in a private sector weekly periodical called `Economist.` He has various published academic articles, and also has a published book titled ` Şirket Değerleme-Company Valuation.`which is the first of its kind in Turkish. He helds a Turkish CPA, and an advanced Brokerage License in the ISE.

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